Terms and Conditions


By accessing the S5 Arena (also known as "S5", "S5.com" and "S5 Casino") of Glowlight Corporation (“Glowlight”) and availing of our online casino games and services, the Player agrees to these Terms of Use, including the terms and conditions governing Player’s account Information and Usage, and Player’s Bet and Usage.

Player’s account Information and Usage

  1. The Player must register an account with S5.com before he/she can access the games.
  2. The Player must be at least 21 years old.
  3. The Player must provide the following information and/or documents about himself/herself for the account registration:
    • Correct and complete first name, middle name, and surname, as reflected in any valid government-issued identification card. Nicknames or aliases are not allowed;
    • Date of birth;
    • Complete current residential address;
    • Working contact number (either landline or mobile telephone);
    • Working email address;
    • Copy of valid government-issued identification card; and,
    • Any additional information that S5.com might require from the Player.
  4. In case of any changes in the information and/or documents provided by the Player during the account registration, the Player must update his/her account details within three (3) months from the time the change has occurred.
  5. Foreign nationals are required to present a valid alien certification card, as well as a supporting document (e.g., Tax Certificate) in order to register with S5.com.
  6. The Player must not be a currently-enrolled student of any school, college, or university in the Philippines.
    a.If a Player is enrolled in a graduate, doctoral, research fellowship, or other special programs of a school, college, university, or any other educational institution, he/she warrants that the school, college, university, or any other educational institution has consented to his registration and activities in S5.com.
    b.S5.com shall not be held accountable by the Player and his/her school, college, university, or any other educational institution, for any misrepresentation as to the Player's education status in the account registration.
  7. The Player must not be a government official or employee, a member of the Philippine military and law enforcement agencies (e.g., Philippine National Police (PNP) or Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)), or an employee of PAGCOR and its associated agencies.
  8. The Player shall not be an employee and/or Relative of an employee of Glowlight or any affiliates of Glowlight ("Relative" shall mean spouse, partner, parent, child, or sibling), or former employees or Relative of a former employee of Glowlight within a period of 180 days from the last day of employment with Glowlight.
  9. The Player warrants that all the information and documents he/she provided during the account registration, or at any time thereafter, are correct, accurate, and true. S5.com will automatically close the Player's account for any omission, misrepresentation, or dishonesty, committed by the Player during his/her account registration and ban the Player from any future account registration. All of the Player’s winnings shall be forfeited, and the amount deposited in the Player's account shall be returned to the Player, minus the number of winnings the Player has already cashed out.
  10. S5.com reserves the right, at any time, to request additional information from the Player in relation to the Player’s account, and the Player hereby agrees to provide such information. If  S5.com is unable to verify or validate the information provided by the Player, or if such information is false, inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete, S5.com reserves the right to reject or cancel or terminate your account registration without notice and without liability to the Player.
  11. Glowlight and S5.com shall not be held liable to any third party for the consequences caused by the fault, negligence, omission, misrepresentation, or dishonesty, committed by the Player during the Player’s account registration with S5.com, or at any time thereafter.
  12. After the account registration, S5.com shall verify the Player’s identity through its know-your-client verification procedure and submission of identification documents. The applicant-Player will receive a text confirmation after successful verification.
  13. S5.com does not tolerate any act of identity theft and shall automatically deny account registration or close a registered account, forfeiting any amount deposited or winnings in it, if it finds that the Player is guilty of identity theft. S5.com is also not precluded to take the appropriate actions, as provided by law, in dealing with cases of identity theft in its platform.
  14. The Player warrants that he/she is the real and true owner of his/her account with S5.com and that he/she is not acting as a nominee of another person.
  15. The Player cannot allow another person to use his/her S5.com account. In case the Player shares his/her account details, such as username and password, to a third party, the Player shall take full responsibility for, hold S5.com free and harmless from, and indemnify S5.com for, all the consequences of such act.
  16. This account is personal to the Player who registered it, and is not assignable or transferable to another person.
  17. Only one account shall be allowed for each person. In the event S5.com finds or has reasonable suspicions that the Player has created multiple accounts, S5.com reserves the right to suspend or close all of the Player’s accounts and forfeit all of the Player’s winnings in all his/her accounts.
  18. The Player shall not use any “bots” or artificial intelligence in the creation, maintenance, and use, of his/her account.
  19. The Player is responsible for keeping the secrecy of his/her account details, including his/her password, from third parties. In the event the Player suspects that his/her account details have been stolen or his/her account details’ secrecy has been compromised, the Player must immediately inform S5.com for the latter to address the issue and take the proper corrective measures.
  20. Player provided information during registration or submission may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by S5.com. Player can elect to "opt-out" of either SMS or email marketing communications by contacting customer service.
  21. The Player must not be a compulsive gambler. In the event that the Player is showing signs of being a compulsive gambler, S5.com reserves the right to cancel or terminate the Player’s registration with, and access to, S5.com. For Players who requested for self-exclusion, or Players who are subject of family-requested exclusion or PAGCOR initiated exclusion, S5.com will suspend the Player’s account. Once the account has been suspended, the same can be activated only after 24 hours from the time the request for exclusion has been canceled, lifted, or revoked.
  22. S5.com reserves the right to close a Player’s account at any time, without disclosing the reason to the Player. If the closure of the account is not due to the reasons mentioned in Paragraphs 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 22, and 37, of the Terms of Use, any remaining deposit or winnings in the Player’s account shall be returned to the Player.

Player’s Bet and Usage

  1. The Player shall deposit or cash-in to their S5.com account the amount he/she intends to place as bets. The Player may only bet in the games using his/her money in his/her S5.com account.
  2. The Player can deposit or cash-in to their S5.com account either through the following methods: (1) online bank transfer; (2) over-the-counter bank deposits; and/or, (3) through any of S5.com's accredited payment provider. For Kiosk Players, they can deposit or cash-in at the Kiosk.
  3. The only accepted currency for any transaction with S5.com is the Philippine peso (PHP).
  4. The Player warrants that the money deposited or cashed-in in his/her account does not originate from any criminal or illegal activity, and that his/her S5.com account shall not be used for money laundering and/or commission of fraudulent or illegal acts. In the event that S5.com has reasonable suspicion that the Player violated this provision, S5.com will automatically close the Player’s account, and forfeit all amounts (whether deposits or winnings) in the account.
  5. The Player holds free and harmless, and shall indemnify Glowlight and S5.com, from any claims, damages, injuries, liabilities, losses, and suits arising from the Player’s fault, negligence, omission, including those arising from Player’s criminal, illegal, or fraudulent activity.
  6. S5.com respects the confidentiality of the Player’s account and will not reveal the Player's transactions and current balance to any third party, unless it is required by law or ordered by a competent court or government agency or that the money deposited is subject of an investigation or a pending case before the court or any government agency.
  7. Funds deposited in the Player’s account do not earn any interest.
  8. The Player can only bet up to the amount of S5.com’s betting limits. S5.com can set betting limits per game or per Player’s account.
  9. The Player must ensure that the bet details he/she input are correct. The Player can no longer cancel or change his/her bets once the bets have been placed and accepted.
  10. S5.com shall not be responsible for failure or error (e.g., duplicates and discrepancies) in the Player’s placement of bets due to technical problems or due to the Player’s fault or negligence.
  11. As any game of chance, S5.com does not guarantee the Player any winning for his/her bets.
  12. The winnings of the Player will automatically reflect in his/her account after it has been confirmed by S5.com. It is the Player’s responsibility to monitor his/her account balance and winnings and notify S5.com’s Customer Service Team via email or live chat of any mistake or delay in the crediting of his/her winnings to his/her account.
  13. The Player can cash-out his winnings or account balance at any time through S5.com's authorized outlets or through S5.com’s accredited payment providers if the amount is P10,000 or less. Any cash out in excess of PHP 10,000 requested at an S5.com outlet will be processed through accredited payment providers. Any cash-out amount in excess of PHP 50,000 will be subject to review and processing time may vary depending on the Player's game transactions and request volume.
  14. Only the Player can cash out his/her winnings or account balance from his S5.com account.
  15. The Player must ensure that he/she fully understands these terms and conditions, especially those regarding the Player's Bets and Usage, before confirming his/her bet.
  16. All bets must be supported by sufficient funds in the Player’s account S5.com reserves the right to void any bet which has been placed when the Player’s account does not have sufficient funds to support the bet.
  17. S5.com may set off any positive balance on Player’s account against any amount that the Player owes to S5.com, including but not limited to, re-settling of bets, payment errors, or negative balances.
  18. All winnings from settled bets will be credited to the balance of Player’s account. Should funds be credited to Player’s account in error, it is Player’s responsibility to inform S5.com without delay. S5.com reserves the right to void bets placed using funds credited to Player’s account in error and to recover such funds by account adjustment at any time. In the event that the error is proven to be caused by game errors, internet connections, and crashed games, S5.com will reset the Player’s balance to the balance prior to when the error occurred.
  19. Order of bets will first come from Player’s winnings from any games, next will be from Player’s deposits, and the last will be from the bonus amount, provided that it is cleared with the requirements of the bonus (if there is any).


  1. Bonus funds may be withdrawn, at any time, provided that the Player has (a) made a successful deposit and (b) verified his age and identity accurately within the S5.com.
    All withdrawal requests of bonus funds are subject to existing withdrawal wagering requirements and conditions. Withdrawal requests will be subject to verification of duplicate accounts and screening for circumvention of these terms and conditions.
  2. Bonus funds will be void and removed from the Player’s account after 6 months from the time that bonus funds have been awarded to the Player’s account if the Player fails to make a successful deposit within the aforesaid 6-month period.

Player’s Conduct

  1. The Player must abide with all the game rules provided by S5.com.
  2. The Player can only access and use his/her account with S5.com within the Philippines.
  3. The Player must not use his/her account or his/her access to S5.com for any purpose against the law, public policy, or public morals.
  4. The Player must observe sportsmanship at all times, and shall not cause any problems or commotion regarding the results of the games.
  5. In the event that S5.com offers game promos to its Players, the Player must strictly adhere to the promo mechanics. S5.com will not tolerate any manipulation committed by the Player to be eligible to the game promos, and will automatically suspend or terminate the Player's account for such manipulation or fraud, and forfeit all amounts (whether deposits or winnings) in the account.
  6. The Player holds S5.com free and harmless from any claims, liabilities, or damages, arising from the Player's involvement with and conduct in S5.com and this Terms of Use.
  7. In case S5.com is impleaded in any claims or suits because of the Player, the Player shall indemnify S5.com for damages, injuries, losses, liabilities, and all the costs and expenses that S5.com incurred.
  8. A Player who has any concerns, questions, or complaints should contact Customer Services via chat, or Players with unresolved complaints may submit a formal written complaint to S5.com’s main office, within 6 months of the issue occurring.
  9. In the event of a discrepancy between the result showing on Player’s gadget and the S5.com's server software, the result showing on the S5.com's server software shall be the official and governing results.


  1. If a Player wishes to participate in the Services, the Player is required to deposit money into the Player’s account By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Player warrants that the Player is the rightful owner of the money which the Player deposits at any time, in the Player’s account. Details of how to deposit funds can be found in the Payments section of the S5.com Website.
  2. In the event that S5.com finds that the Player’s deposits into the Player’sS5.com account do not come from the Player or the full name of the depositor does not match the Player’s registered name at S5.com, S5.com reserves the right to reject such deposit transactions, and any winnings from such deposits will be considered void. S5.com may require verification documents from the Player before allowing any deposit transactions made available in the Player’s account.
  3. Please note that online transactions will appear on Player’s billing statements as "PAYEXPRESS (PAYNAMICS TECHNOLOGIES INC)” or any other accredited payment providers.
  4. In accordance with the requirements of the PAGCOR regulations on the protection of customer funds, S5.com is obliged to inform the Players about the disposition of funds that S5.com holds on account for the Players, and the extent to which such funds are protected in the unlikely event of S5.com’s insolvency. S5.com holds all Players’ funds wholly separate from other S5.com’s funds in a legally designated Player account. This means that all such funds are protected, and in the case of any operational difficulties, S5.com can remit to the Players the funds that are due and payable to the Players.
  5. A Player’s deposit and withdraw request may only be made after fulfilling the Identity Verification procedures.
  6. Upon confirmation of money transfer from S5.com to the Payment Service Provider, S5.com shall not be liable for any damages, injuries, liabilities, loss, or cost, suffered or incurred by a Player (including any damages, loss or costs suffered or incurred as a result of a failure to pay or delay in payment).
  7. A Player may request for a withdrawal of funds from Player’s account, at any time, provided all: (i) Funds in Player’s account have been confirmed as cleared; ii.) KYC and Verification Checks have been completed to S5.com’s satisfaction; and, iii.) conditions of withdrawal that may be applied to Player’s account have been met.  
  8. Subject to the above conditions, a refund will be issued in the event that a withdrawal request is made without the wagering of funds. The funds will be issued as a refund in accordance with the payment instrument used by the Player.
  9. Players are NOT permitted to withdraw funds through a third party person or account. Unless the third party person or account has been used to deposit funds to the player account and a proof will be provided by the player.
  10. S5.com will exert its best efforts to accommodate and process withdrawal requests within the day. However, for payments that are more than Php50,000.00, S5.com will process such requests within 24 hours or the next banking day.

Dormant account

  1. A Player’s account will be categorized as a Dormant account if there is no transaction made for a continuous period of 6 months since the Player’s last log-in date.
  2. S5.com will formally notify a Player via email that a Player’s account has become dormant and that the Player is given 28 days within which to either respond or log-in to the Player’s account and start playing. The account will automatically be closed after 28 days if the Player fails to act as instructed.The Player’s remaining balance (if any) will be forfeited upon the closure of the Player’s account.
  3. In the event that a Player wishes to re-open or reinstate the closed account or redeem the withheld balance, the Player may contact S5.com’s Customer Support assistance. In such case, the Player will have to rollover the equal balance amount by 1x.
  4. Closed dormant accounts will be removed from S5.com’s or Glowlight’s systems in accordance with the applicable Privacy Policy.


  1. All rights granted to S5.com in this Terms of Use is equally granted to Glowlight, the juridical entity that owns and operates S5.com. Thus, “S5.com” and “Glowlight” can be used interchangeably in this Terms of Use.
  2. S5.com makes no representations or warranties for any linked websites or advertisements that the Player encounters while using the S5.com platform.
  3. Although S5.com will exert its best efforts to ensure that the information provided on its website are correct and accurate, S5.com shall not be held liable for any incorrectness, inaccuracy, or out-datedness of the information on its website.
  4. The Player allows Glowlight or S5.com to send him/her regular updates and promotional materials in the email address and contact number he/she provided in the account registration.
  5. Glowlight and S5.com grants the Player a non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable, and revocable license, to install and use the software and/or application running the S5.com platform. However, the Player warrants that he/she will use such software and/or application solely for playing games, betting, or using the services of S5.com.
  6. All logos, images, animations, audio, videos, text, publication materials, codes, and software, made available by S5.com to the Players and/or to the public are owned exclusively by or was licensed for the use of S5.com and shall not be used or reproduced by any Player or third party, unless authorized by S5.com.
  7. The Player may not copy, use, modify, or use, as basis to create any derivative work based on S5.com's source codes, software, and software development programs.
  8. S5.com and its affiliates, officers, directors, and employees shall not be held liable to the Player or to any third party for the consequences, damages, losses, liabilities, or costs and expenses caused by the fault, negligence, or omission of the Player while using S5.com and its services.
  9. S5.com shall comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and other related laws and/or regulations in handling the personal and sensitive information of the Players.
  10. Paragraphs 44 to 48 shall be enforceable even after this Terms of Use is terminated.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

  1. This Terms of Use shall serve as the contract between Glowlight or S5.com and the Player.
  2. Glowlight or S5.com may change, amend, or modify, this Terms of Use at any time, without any prior notification to the Player. It is the Player’s responsibility to check whether there are changes or updates made in this Terms of Use. The Player’s continued use of his/her account and S5.com’s services after the update signifies the Player's acceptance of said changes, amendment, modifications, or updates in the Terms of Use.
  3. In case, any part of this Terms of Use, or its amendments is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining unaffected provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Player to ensure his/her compliance with this Terms of Use and its amendments thereafter.
  5. S5.com can automatically and unilaterally terminate the Player's account for any breach of this Terms of Use. The aforesaid right shall not prejudice the right of S5.com to secure such other remedies provided by law and equity.
  6. S5.com reserves the right to take the necessary legal actions, aside from the closure of the Player’s account, to protect its interest in the event that the Player breaches any of the provisions in this Terms of Use.
  7. This agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Philippines.
  8. Any action arising from the provisions of this Terms of Use shall be exclusively resolved by the proper courts of Metro Manila or the province of Batangas.
  9. The Player confirms that he/she has fully read and understood this Terms of Use.
  10. By proceeding with the account registration, the Player agrees to be bound by this Terms of Use.
  11. These Terms of Use shall be subject to the rules and regulations of PAGCOR. In case of conflict between this Terms of Use and the PAGCOR rules and regulations, the latter shall prevail.